Title: Two in the House
Author: Lily Grace A. Chao
Rating: PG-13. Some scenes and dialogues are not suitable for young readers…
Parental Guidance is encourage(Hey I know this line...it's what our local
channel always says. Instead of audiences, I made it readers!).
Summary: Special Agent Dana Scully came dropped by at Special Agent Fox Mulder's 
Apartment, and something happens…
Spoilers: Scully knows that she can't conceive a child and Mulder doesn't know
anything, doesn't he? (shrugged)

Disclaimer: Characters Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder are 
not mine, and I know that you are not dumb why it is not mine, and as well as the 
plot (Mulder's apartment). And the picture (above)…well, I got it somewhere in the 
net, but I will give a full credit for having such great picture. There is no 
X-Files episode involved and the story is all made by myself.

Author's note: The title of this fan fiction has nothing to do with the story. 
Because of some unexpected circumstances, I need to be extra careful for those 
young reader who will read this fan fiction. This story is only a base in the 
picture (above), and just makes a story out of it. Please pardon me with some 
grammar. I'm not good in English, especially in writing stories. 

Copyright Law: This is all rights reserved by Lily Grace Chao year 2000. If you 
want to have a copy of this, just write my name under it...or else :|
Thanks: I would to thank my buddy, Calissa Jo Field to be my inspiration to write 
a fan fiction. I always write poems so this is my first one...Thanks buddy!

Feedback: I always respect everyone's opinion because it comes from you. You are 
my judges. Criticisms are the best way to improve my work and inspire me to work 
harder. E-mail me at ddga4ever@mailcity.com or via my buddy's (Calissa) e-mail 
david_duchovny_2004@mailcity.com. Thank You!

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Two in the House
By: Lily Grace A. Chao

One night at the apartment of Special Agent Fox Mulder, he was sleeping at his 
couch when suddenly the doorbell rang. "Who is it?" "It's me, Mulder." He went 
to the door and opened it. It was his partner, Special Agent Dana Scully. She 
sat on the couch and spread the papers at the center table.They will discuss 
some important matters about the crime they are investigating. "The piece of 
evidence that you brought to the crime laboratory the other day is inappropriate." 
Mulder studied again the piece of evidence and as well as the crime scene. Scully 
was talking to him but suddenly the papers fell on the floor. Together they picked 
it up; they touched their hands. An electronic volt when up at Scully's spine. 
After an awkward silence, Mulder spoke first "Do you want some coffee?" Scully 
smiled "Cream, no sugar." Mulder smiled "I know". As he went to his tiny kitchen, 
Scully was confused both personally and professionally. Fox Mulder is handsome 
and well-decent guy. For seven years they have shared their partnership, she 
already accept his believes and respect his integrity. Mulder is really devoted 
to his work at X-files and the abduction of his sister, Samantha. Scully jumped 
off from her confusion when Mulder returned with their coffee. He sat beside her 
but she moved an inch away from him. "What's the problem?" "Nothing" but Scully 
cannot help herself. She told him everything that bothered her. While she was 
talking, Mulder put his hand at the back of her neck. Scully stopped and looked 
deeply at his eyes. Mulder pull her toward his and whisper "Scully, I love you." 
"I love you too" as their lips met. It was smooth and passionate kiss. Their 
kiss deepened until the night falls.
In the middle of the sleep, Scully woke up, naked and sat on the bed. She was 
waked up by her conscience, "What I have done?" she thought. "This is wrong, 
totally wrong". Mulder woke up too and saw Scully sitting in the bed. He put his 
arm around her and asked, "What's the matter?" "Mulder, there is something that 
I like to confess to you…I…I…I can't conceive a child." Scully said nearly 
crying. "Scully, no matter what I still love you." Tears dropped in Scully's eyes
as she looked at him and said "And I love you so much".  Mulder kissed her tears 
then her lips and they make love again, now slower with full of passion.

The End

Author's final words: I don't know if this is the end or what! As I said before, 
I just made a story out of the picture.

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