I just saw this fan fiction in our local magazine here in Philippines (Glitters). This was written by one of the reporters in the said magazine. I really really like her story...Go ahead and read this fabulous fan fic. Title: The Greates Mystery Author: Rory Pascual Rating: NC-17 Genre: Romantic Story Source: Glitters Magazine Issue no. 10 volume 8. Spoilers: Season 7 Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction derived from The X-Files. The characters, as well as selected quotes from certain episodes in the series and in the movie are owned by Twentieth Century Fox, and Ten Thirteen Productions. No copyright infringement was intended, and the writer has not made any profit from this endeavor. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Greatest Mystery By: Rory Pascual Special Agent Fox Mulder was supposed to be typing his field report notes, pertaining to the case of Henry Weems, a man cursed with extremely good luck, a case so deceptively simple but it brought him and his partner through numerous complex twists and turns, just like the fiendish devices envisioned by Rube Goldberg. Instead, Mulder was leaning back into his chair, both feet raised on the table, indulging in his annoying habit of shelling sunflower seeds, while his mind was caught in a Goldberg device of his own creation. Special Agent Dana Scully, he mused. Somehow, all his recent thoughts revolved around his partner. Certainly, poor Scully has been caught right smack in the middle of some of the department's most dangerous, and, sadly, unsolved cases- from her first abduction which she had no memory of, to her battle with cancer (ironically cured by the alien implant she earlier had removed from her nape), to her sorrowful discovery that she may had been the mother of a half-human, half-alien hybrid, leading to her most recent abduction, wherein both agents almost did not escape from their frigid foray into Antarctica. All tying circumstances for a woman. Situations that would make any member of her gender drop out in a second. But not Scully. Instead, she stayed on, a rock at his side, a partner he could truly depend on, although her intellect and her beliefs were many times sorely put to the test. Sure they have had their differences in the past. After all, wasn't Scully's assignment to the X-files a result of the desire of the FBI (and a host of sinister "others") to keep "Spooky" Mulder in line- to debunk the myths, lies and half-truths of the many unsolved cases tucked neatly in folders in the agent's filing cabinet? Mulder found himself glancing at his side, and at the poster of a UFO hanging on the wall. I WANT TO BELIEVE, it said in big bold letters. Another line came to his mind: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Scully has been the truth. Believing it, however, was a different matter, since the memory of it was stolen from her by shadowy government conspirators and little green man. Even if she had remembered, there's her constant penchant for trying to find a logical explanation for the truly unexplainable. Oh, how Scully would debate with Mulder over the findings of a case, she with her flair for scientific rhetoric. Ironically though, her strong faith balanced out her skepticism, making her a true conundrum in Mulder's mind. A doctor, a scientist she may be, but through and through, Scully was a devout Catholic as evidenced by the gleaming gold cross around her neck. As strong as her faith was in God and her religion, even stronger was her faith in her partner. "I believe Agent Mulder," firm words Scully always says whenever their superior in the Bureau sought to control their movements out in the field or, worse, whenever they threaten to close the X-Files. "I believe, Agent Mulder." Words that have become her creed, despite her doubts, not only in the findings of the cases that fell into their laps, but also in her partner's sanity. Mulder couldn't help but smile at that thought, remembering a troubled time when even he doubted himself. He had even told Scully to go back to being a doctor to quit the X-Files, as was her original plan. Instead, Scully had smiled and held his hand. "If I quit, they win". That simple smile. It held a promise of something deeper between them, something that had been earlier interrupted by the cruel sting of a bee. Just a few inches more, a fraction of a breath between two seeking lips, and they would have..... A frown formed on Mulder's brow. Someone had gotten in the way of the possible consequences of that near kiss- Diana Fowley, his old flame, who originally pretended to help him but, in the end, turned out to be a Mata Hari. Scully hadn't liked her one bit; she never trusted Diana. Was it jealousy perhaps? Strangely enough, the two women had joined forces to solve a recent case about a beached spaceship in Africa. They had no choice. It's either solve the case or lose Mulder to the alien poison that had entered his bloodstream from the carbon scrapings of the strange markings found in the craft. While he lay in his hospital bed, held prisoner by the frenzied impulses of his brain, Diana and Scully had come to him. "I know what's happened to you," Diana had told him."I know what you're suffering from. I've been sitting back and watching. I know you know. I know you know about me. That my loyalties aren't just to you, but to a man you've grown to despise. You have your reasons but, as you look inside me, now you know that I have mine. Fox...Fox, I love you. I've loved you for so long. You know that, too. And I won't let you die...to prove what you are, to prove what's inside you. There's no need to prove it. It's been known for so long. Now we can be together." A few minutes later, Mulder vaguely recalled that Scully came to visit him as well. "Mulder it's me. I know that you can hear me. If you can just give some sign." Mulder hadn't responded to that query but, still, Scully went on talking, hoping that she could reach him. " I want you to know where I've been...waht I found. I think that, if you know, that you could find a way to hold on.I NEED YOU TO HOLD ON. I found a key...THE key...to every question that has ever been asked. It's a puzzle, but the pieces are there for us to put together. and I know that they can save you if you can just hold on. Mulder...please. Hold on." Mulder remembered, that as she spoke, as she gripped his hand tightly, Scully almost cried "HOLD ON," she had begged him. But he didn't do what she asked. Instead, Mulder retreated into a world of dreams, coaxed by the dream version of his nemesis, the Cigarette Smoking Man, into domestic bliss, with Diana as his wife. Why did I sink so deep into that dream world, and so easily? Mulder pondered. Would it have been different if it was Scully who had said those three precious words to him instead Diana? Scully, however, still managed to reach him, and he was so happy to see her. But Scully had been angry. Boy was she furious when she confronted the aged version of his dream self! " Oh, Scully! I knew you'd come!" Mulder had greeted her. " They told me you were dead." " And you believed then," she had answered, her voice as cold as ice. " Traitor! Deserter! Coward!" It had stung his heart to hear those words from her lips. "Scully...don't I'm dying." " You're not supposed to die, Mulder," Scully had insisted." NOT HERE." " What do you mean?" " Not in a comfortable bed with the devil outside." " No, you don't understand. He's taking care of me." " No, Mulder, he's lulled you to sleep. He's made you trade your true mission for creature comforts." " There was no mission," Mulder had bitterly declared to her, " There were no aliens." " No aliens. Have you looked outside, Mulder?" " I can't...I'm...too tired." Scully's voice remained firm and forceful. " No, Mulder, you MUST get up. You must get up and fight, especially you. This isn't your place. Get up, Mulder. GET UP AND FIGHT THE FIGHT" And like Lazarus risen from the dead, like Sleeping Beauty kissed by her prince, Mulder did get up. It was nothing short of miraculous, his recovery. What made it even more of a miracle was the appearance of Albert Hosteen in Scully's apartment. Albert, that kind elder of the Navajo, had prayed together with Scully for Mulder's salvation. Albert, who, in reality, had been in coma for two weeks and had passed on in New Mexico before Mulder had fallen into Morpheus' domain. "Mulder, I don't believe that," Scully had exclaimed in shocked, when he had told her about Albert's death. " I...I don't believe it. It's impossible." " Is it any more impossible than what you saw in Africa or what you saw in me? he then had asked her calmly, with no trace of reproach in his voice for her unbelief. The stark honestly of Scully's next words stunned Mulder, and it was only then that he realized how difficult these past six years had been to her, and how much he meant to her. " I don't know what to believe anymore." Scully admitted, her voice choked with emotion. " Mulder, I was so dtermined to find a cure to save you,that I could deny what it was that I saw, and now I don't even know. I DON'T KNOW. I don't know what the truth is. I don't know who to listen to. I don't know who to trust. After a brief pause, the tears began to fall from her eyes, "Diana Fowley was found murdered this morning. I never trusted her...but she helped save your life as much as I did. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I knew she was your friend." Mulder knew how much it pained Scully to say all these things to him. He had to tell here what was in his heart. " Scully, I was like you once," he slowly revealed to her. " I didn't know who to trust. Then I chose another path...another life, another fate, where I found my sister. The end of my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same." Mulder had gently held her face in his hnads and looked into her eyes. " You...were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was fallen apart, you were my constant...my touchstone." Scully's face had brightened, the realization of the unspoken truth in his words reflected in her eyes. Whispering " And you are mine." She kissed him on the forehead. At that memory, for a moment, Mulder closed his eyes, sighing. His fingers went up to his brow where she had kissed him. In his mind, after that kiss, he could see her playfully put his baseball cap back on his head, the way she looked at him. He could still feel the feathery caress of her fingertips upon his lips. It was then that a more recent memory came to mind, about their run in with the necromancer Mark Johnson of the mysterious Millennium group. Scully, together with criminal profiler Frank Black, had come to his rescue again, when he was trapped in a basement filled with zombies. It was only a few minutes before midnight, and he and Scully were in the hospital, bidding Black and his daughter goodbye. When he was gone, their attention was riveted to the television screen, where the new millennium celebration was being broadcast from Times Square. They watched in silence as the ball dropped and how the revelers hugged and kissed each other joyfully. Mulder had stolen a glance at the woman at hi side, and Scully met his gaze. He just found himself leaning over, and kissed her on the lips. The kiss beating as one. Both were reluctant to end the kiss, judging from the deep flush on their cheeks when their lips parted, shy, yet knowing, smiles quirking up the corners. " The world didn't end." Mulder had mumbled. " No, it didn't." She had replied in turn. " Happy New Year, Scully." "Happy New Year, Mulder." After that, it was businesss as usual. The kiss...It seemed as if it never happened. But then again, there's deep undercurrent between them now. Or was it all just wishful thinking on Mulder's part? Suddenly, there was a knock on his door, and the object of his thoughts strode into the office, rifling through the papers in the folder she held in her hand. " I've finished my report on the Weems case," Scully announced without preamble. A frown of disapproval creased her brow, seeing the mess on his desk. "Don't tell me you haven't finished your report?" Mulder grinned sheepishly. " I'm guilty as charged." " What am I going to do with you, Mulder?" she declared in mild exasperation. With a wave of his hands, he suggested, " Take me out to lunch?" Scully cocked a surprised eyebrow up. "Assistant Director Skinner is expecting us, remember?" "How about dinner?" Scully found herself laughing, gazing uncomfortably on a spot on the ceiling. She threw the folder onto his desk. " Here. Maybe you could just add something to that." " You still haven't answered my question, Scully?" At this statement, Scully looked at him. The pause between them lengthened, not a single word exchanged. Then, a smile curled up the corners of Scully's lips- a Mona Lisa smile, the kind of smile that spoke volumes. " Maybe I should leave you alone so you could get cracking on your report." She commented, and she walked out of his office, closing the door behind her with a soft click. At that instant, Mulder realized what he had for a partner. A TRUE X-FILES, probably the greatest mystery of all. The secrets that lay behind the allure and the mystique that all women possessed, which Scully had in abundance. Scully's smile showed definite signs of promise, like a Valentine's gift waiting to be unwrapped. This was one X-file Agent Fox Mulder very much looked forward to unraveling. ************************** END ************************************************

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