Scully to Mulder Relationship starts from a friendship That's what eveybody said Leading to start a courtship But nobody wants to dared That's what we are the first time we met Finding a way to build our friendship But we found it without any sweat To take the two of us in a trip For seven years I join the trip with you Trust build within us Without knowing I'm falling for you But doubt exists between us Now, you giving me hint Saying love words that brings me joy For the sake of the doubt, I deny it For the friendship might be destroy How can I tell you that I love you? If a woman stays behind you Wanting you back to her arms That's already give me alarms How can I tell you that I love you? If I don't have the strength to tell you Neither I do know how to express it Nor I'm in condition to say it Even though I cannot show it I hope that somehow you can see it Someday, you will say that you also love me Because my love, I feel the same way

Written By: Lily Grace Chao

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