Tittle: Gone But Not Forgotten
Author:Calissa Field
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Spoilers: seasons 1-7 to be safe.
Summary:Scully's terrifying nightmare about the fate of her husband 
(Mulder) comes true.
ch. 1/7
D.C. Memorial Hospitial

(intercom) Dr. Mulder to ER, Dr. Mulder to ER.
(DM) What do we got?
(nurse) Male FBI agent, age 35, shot in the head.
(DM) What's his condition?
(Nurse) He's in shock.
(DM) Do we have a name on him?
(nurse) A Fox Mulder.
(DM) It's my husband.
(Nurse) You're husband? I thought that you were single. 
(DM) No, got married last year.
(Skinner) Dana!
(DM) Sir. What happened?
(Skinner) He was surprised. He turned around and was shot. 
(DM) Well, didn't he have backup?
(Skinner) His partner got shot. He's DOA.
(DM) Does Mulder know?
(Skinner) No, he's been out of it since it happened.
(DM)Thank you sir.
(Scully slams open ER doors)
(DM) Okay, A.D. Skinner bought me up to date! Listen up people! He was shot 
     in the head and has been unconcious since the injury! We have a possible 
     spinal injury. Only move him if it's nessacary! In case you don't know, 
     this is my husband, so it's importanat to me that we don't loose him. 
(Doctor Stevens) Your husband? Dana, you shouldn't be in here.
(DM) I'm a doctor first Joe, it doesn't matter if it's my husband, now lets 
     get to work.
(FM) Whispers: Where am I?
(nurse) He's concious. Your at D.C. Memorial Mr. Mulder. 
(FM) Does Dana know? Where is she?
(DS) I'm right here honey. I need you to hold still while we start an I.V. 
(FM) What happened?
(DS) I'll explain it later. Okay, listen up! I need a CT-scan and x-rays of 
     the entire body. Let's move him out.
(DrS) Dana, I don't think that you should be on this, it's too close to you.
(DM) I'm fine with it Joe. I've seen worse than this on him. I worked at the 
     beaureu. Trust me.
(intercom) All available doctors to ambulance entrance, all available 
           doctors to ambulance entrance please.
(DM) Now what?
(Nurse) Car accident. I think it's your brother and his family.
(DM) Bill or Charlie?
end ch. 1/7

5:30 AM
(Alarm clock rings)
(baby cries)
(DM) Oh my God! 
(FM) Your turn. You look like you saw a ghost, are you okay?
(DM) I had a freaky nightmare. I better go check on Hunter.
(Dana enters the nursary)
(DM) Hi baby. Did daddy's noisey alarm clock wake you up?
(FM) Hey Scout. Why are you up so early huh? Do you want to go for 
     a walk with daddy?
(DM) Not today honey, it's too cold out for him, and he has a little cold. 
(Hunter makes baby noises)
(DM) I think he's hungry, could you go heat up a bottle while I give him a bath?
(FM) At 5:30 in the morning you're going to give him a bath?
(DM) He's still half asleep, it'll be easier, unless..... Hunter, 
     should we make daddy give you a bath while mommy goes make breakfast?
(Hunter laughs)
(FM) What's so funny mister? Don't think daddy can handle it?
(Hunter picks up his bear and throws it at Fox.)
(DM) Look what you taught him hon. I guess he's a fast learner. 
(FM) No, he's just seen us in action one too many times.
(DM) But a one year old baby shouldn't be able to do that.
(FM) Remember who his parents are.
(DM) Right. Okay, his tub is over on the dresser, his towel is in the 
     top drawer with his diapers and wipes, lotion and powder. His medicane 
     is in the fridge, booties and shoes in the second drawer, shorts and under 
     shirts...well it's all labled, you should be able to find what you're 
     looking for.(I hope.)
(FM) This is a piece of cake, it should be like giving you a bath.
(DM) Don't start hon.
fifteen minutes later

(Mulder comes to the kitchen after setting Hunter in his rocker and wraps his 
wet arms around Dana's stomach)
(DS) Piece of cake huh?
(FM) So he likes to splash a little,what kid doesn't? MMM, that smells good.
(DS) Watch this for me okay?
(Dana walks over and picks up Hunter)
Did daddy give you a bath?
(FM) Yeah?
(DM) Did you make sure to put cream on his bottom?
(FM) Yes dear.
(DM) Honey, it's the middle of  spring. He'll roast in his sweater. Let's go get 
     you changed pookey-bear.
end Ch. 2/7
Ch. 3/7
(DM) I'm going to drop Hunter off at Mom's so I can go shopping. Want to meet 
     somewhere this afternoon?
(FM) Can't. I have a meeting with Skinner all day.
(DS) That sucks. Well, you better get going before you're late.
(FM) I love you.
(DM) I love you more.
(FM)  Bye Scout, be good for Mommy and Grandma okay?
(HM) (Coos)
(FM) That's my boy.
(DM) You be good too honey.
(Fox salutes)
(Hunter is asleep in the crib)
(Dana is in the shower)
(Phone rings)
(the machine picks it up)
(DM) Hi, you have reached Fox, Dana, and Hunter. We're probally not home right 
     now so leave a message and we'll get back to you ASAP. Have a nice day.
(FM) Honey, it's me. Pick up the phone.
Dana! pick up the phone hon.
(No response)
I'm at work. I have to fly out to San Pedro at 2. I'm sorry. Call me.
I love you.
(Hunter cries)
(Dana goes into the nursary)
(DM) Hi baby, what's wrong? Are you not feeling good?
(Picks up Hunter)
Let's go see who called.
(Message plays back)
(DM) Daddy called.
(Hutner starts crying)
(DM) Does my pookey-bear have a cold? Let's call Nana and see if she'll watch 
     you okay?
(MS) Hello?
(DM) Hi mom, it's Dana.
(MS) Hi honey. How's Fox and the baby?
(DM) They're fine. Hunter has a little cold or something.
(MS) Poor thing. Is Fox there?
(DM) No, he's flying out at 2.
(MS) Bill and his family are coming down for the weekend.
(DM) Great. Can you baby-sit Hunter for me? I have to work the graveyard shift 
     and I need some sleep.
(MS) No problem, should I come get him?
(DM) No, I have to head over that way anyways to see Fox before he goes, i'll 
     drop him off on my way.
(MS) Okay hon. Talk to you later.
(DM) Bye mom.

  End part 3/7
two days later
(phone rings)
(DM) Hello?
(FM) Hi baby, did I wake you?
(DM) No, I just got home. Hunter's over at mom's still.
(FM) How's it going?
(DM) Okay I guess. I've never realized how much I rely on you to help me 
     with the baby until you're gone. When are you coming home?
(FM) I don't know. We're having a hard time finding this guy, and until we do, 
     i'm stuck here. I miss you a lot hon. 
(DM) I miss you too. Did you know that this is the first time that we've been apart, 
     well other than work, since before I got pregnant with Hunter?
(FM) Yeah, I did. How is the little tike?
(DS) I don't know. He's been at mom's since Friday night. I've done 72 hours 
     straight at the hospital. I'm exhausted.
(FM) I bet hon. 
(DF) Mulder, we got a break!
(FM) In a minute Danny, I'm talking to my wife!
(WS) Mulder, let's roll!
(FM) Yes sir. Honey, I got to run, we have a break.
(DM) I heard honey. Call me when you get in, I don't care how late it is.
(FM) Okay, I love you.
(DM) Love you too, be careful out there.
(FM) I will. Give Hunter a kiss for me.
(DM) Will do.
(FM) Bye hon. I love you.
(DM) Bye.
(Hangs up phone)
San Pedro, Phillipines
9:45PM (phillipine time)

(FM) Okay, back me up.
(DF) You got it Mulder.
(FM) 1,2......
(FM) Danny! We have an agent down!
(WS) Mulder, get down!
(WS) Mulder! Are you okay? Can you hear me?
2 agents down. Let's get them out of here. 
Dana's car 

(Phone rings)
(DM) Hello?
(WS) Dana? 
(DM) Sir? Is something wrong?
(WS) Are you in the car?
(DM) Yes. I'm on my way to get Hunter from my mom's.
(WS) Okay, I want you to pull off on the next exit and park somewhere.
(DM) Is Fox okay?
(WS) Well,...... Dana this is going to be hard for me to say...., he died last 
     night from a gunshot wound to the head. I'm sorry.
(DM) NO...... Are you sure?
(WS) I saw him get shot Dana, I tried to get him down in time but he was too 
     concerned about Danny Fuller, his new partner, who got shot too. 
(DM) Is Danny okay?
(WS) No, he died on the scene. 
(DM) My god, what happened out there? 
(WS) Snipers apprenately. It's kind of hard to tell.
(DM) Does Danny's wife know yet?
(WS) No she doesn't. 
(DM) I want you to be aware that she is pregnant and when she finds out about 
     Danny, there is a possibility that she might miscariage.
(WS) Thank you Dana. I'm terribly sorry about your loss. I wish..... I apologize 
     for not watching out for him. 
(DM) Sir, if it's not too much of a hassle, could I have his badge and his 
     wedding ring?
(WS) We're going to bring him home for the autopsy and funeral. He is elgible 
     for burial at Arlington if the family decides that that's what you want. 
(DM) Hunter and I are his only family now, I'll need some time to decide sir.
(WS) I understand Dana. This is a hard loss to all of us.
(DM) Thank you sir.
(WS) I'm sorry.
(Skinner hangs up)
End ch. 4/7
CH. 5/7

Maggie Scully's house
10:00 AM

(Dana pulls into the driveway)
(Maggie meets her at the door)
(MS) What's wrong honey?
(DM) Where's Hunter?
(MS) He's sleeping on the couch.
(Dana walks over and picks up Hunter)
(DM) Hi baby, looks like it's just you and me now.
(MS) Did you and Fox split up honey?
(DM) No mom, he got shot in the back of the head, he died last night in a 
     San Pedro hospital.
(MS) I'm sorry honey. San Pedro? Where's that?
(DM) In the Phillipines. 
(MS) When's he coming home?
(DM) Skinner, oh sorry, Walter said that he'll be home tomorrow. He's elgible 
     for burial in Arlington, but we have grave plots right next to each other 
     at his cabin over on Cape Cod. I don't know what to do mom. I mean, it's 
     an honor to be burried at Arlington, but yet i'm not elgible for Arlington 
     because I will die a civilian, and he wanted us to be right next to each other.
(MS) It's up to you honey, but I want you to consider how Fox would feel in this 
     situation if it were you.
(DM) I know how he'd handle it, he'd let you raise Hunter, and then live a 
     life totally alone in our house until he died. We talked about this several 
     times before we had Hunter and after. He wouldn't remarry, and he would still 
     see Hunter on weekends. Mom, I'd feel a lot better if you handled this for me. 
     It too stressful on me with Hunter and me being pregnant. I just need some 
     time alone with my son.
(MS) Okay honey, i'll take care of it. Pregnant? Did Fox know?
(DM) No he didn't. I wish i would of told him. I better call into work, i'm on 
     in a hour.
(MS) Okay.

end ch. 5/7
Ch. 6/7
(Two days later)
D.C. Morgue
1:45 PM

(JS) Dana, would you like to see him?
(DM) I don't think I can go through with it Joe. 
(JS) I understand Dana. I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
(DM) Thank you. Would it be too much of a hassle if I had his ring?
(JS) No, that's no problem at all.  I want you to know that if you need anything 
     at all, i'm here for you. Just let me know.
(DM) Thanks Joe, I appreciate it.
(JS)Would you like to go out to lunch with me?
(DM)I'm sorry, I have a wake service for my husband tonight and I need to go 
    take care of Hunter. I haven't seen him since this happened. 
(JS) Okay.
Dana's house

(DM) Hey Cathy. It's Dana.
(CS) Hi Dana, how are you holding up?
(DM) Normal for a situation like this I guess.
(CS) When's the funeral?
(DM) Tomorrow at noon.
(CS) Do you need anything?
(DM) No, I just need to talk. I've hardly said anything this last week and 
     I'm turning into a basketcase.
(CS) So, what's new?
(DM) I'm pregnant.
(CS) No way. Did he know?
(DM) No he didn't.
(CS) I'm sorry about this Dana.
(DM) Thanks.  You know Joe, from Trauma?
(CS) Cute guy, tall, red hair. Lost his wife last year... yeah what about him?
(DM) I think he's interested in me.
(CS) What makes you think that?
(DM) He gave me the once over, ten times.... he asked me to lunch, and he said if 
     I need anything at all let him know.
(CS) He's got it bad Danes. But don't you think you're taking it a little too fast?
(DM) Yeah,I guess I am. I mean, Fox is the only guy i've ever slept with, 
     or kissed..... ever. This is going to be a tough change, especially with 
     Hunter as young as he is.
(CS) What was Fox's real name?
(DM) It was really Fox. His dad had something about naming his kids after him. 
     He was going to be William Fox Mulder, Jr., but Bill didn't like it I guess.
(Hunter cries)
That's more like it. It's been way too quiet around here lately.
(CS)I bet. 
(DM) I'll be right back.
(CS) Okay.
(goes into the nursuary)
(DM) Hey guy. What's wrong? Do you miss daddy? I miss him too.
(CS) How's your family dealing with this?
(DM) My mom's taking it pretty hard. Bill could care less and Charlie never met him.
(CS) Bill didn't like him?
(DM) No, when I had my cancer back in '95, Bill was all over Fox like he 
     killed me, and it was his fault that I had cancer, which in part it was, 
     i guess.... But Mulder was always there for me when I needed him. I drew energy 
     to live from him, he was my rock, my faith... the strong one. We had a bond 
     between us that'll never be broken, not even in death. He was a little Spooky 
     but he always listened to me and respected me for who I am. 
(CS) He sounded like a total sweetheart.
(DM) He was, he really was.
(doorbell rings)
That's probally my mom. I'll call you later.
(CS) I'll see you at the wake service tonight.
(DM) Okay.
(CS) take care girl.
(DM) You too.
(CS) Bye.
(DM) Bye.
end ch. 6/7
ch. 7/7  
one year later.....
Fox and Dana's cabin

(kneals down by Fox's grave)
(DM) Well honey, it's been one hell of a year without you. Hunter is getting big. 
     He's talking a little bit now... he'll say mama or kitty or cup. He really 
     misses you... I guess we all do a lot. Work's going good. I'm still having a 
     hard time coping with you being gone... I'll wake up in the middle of the night 
     and reach for you and you're not there. It's been a real change. I know that 
     you're smiling down from heaven on us though. I'm dating Joe from trauma, Hunter
     called him joey the other day. I want him to know that your his daddy, but a two 
     year old isn't going to understand this. He drew you a picture, but i'm not 
     suppose to look at it... i'll leave it here by your tombstone. I feel guilty for 
     not telling you that I was pregnant... you are the father of a beautiful baby 
     girl named Samantha Katherine. She looks just like you Fox. She's absolutly 
     beautiful. I wish you could see her. She's six months old now. She was born on 
     your birthday.... now what are the odds of that happening? I love you and miss you.

End ch. 7/7

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