Title: Anti "Bodies" (not the antibodies you know!)
Author: Lily Grace A. Chao
Rating: PG-13. Some scenes and dialogues are not suitable for young readers…
Parental Guidance is encourage.
Summary: Special Agent Scully and Mulder called in to investigate themselves.
Spoilers:  Two agents are cannot get along with each other, hmm…are they? 
And the Assistant Directors want them to be together...hmmm...I make everything
upside down.
Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Disclaimer: Characters Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder 
A.D. Skinner and A.D. Cassidy are not mine. Oh, ok you know that already. And 
my title, Anti "Bodies" is come from "Antibodies " from The X-Files fiction 
novel by Kevin J. Anderson, and I extracted some plot and lines from Antibodies 
that are very helpful for this fan fiction but actually the whole story is 
originally comes from me. The Kennessys' cabin in "Antibodies" is a home own by 
Kennessys family (obviously). In this story the Kennessys' cabin is a small 
hotel, and Patrice and Jody are his characters in Antibodies. I made a lot of 
changes here with the idea of Mr. Kevin Anderson.

Author's note: I don't know if the title will fit to its story and I'm not good 
in English and I hope for your pardon if my grammar gets rumble. 

Copyright Law: This is all rights reserved by Lily Grace Chao year 2000. If you 
want to have a copy of this, just write my name under it...or else :|

Thanks: I would to thank my buddy, Calissa Jo Field to be my inspiration to write 
a fan fiction. I always write poems so this is my second one...Thanks buddy!

Feedback: I always respect everyone's opinion because it comes from you. You are 
my judges. Criticisms are the best way to improve my work and inspire me to work 
harder. E-mail me at ddga4ever@mailcity.com or via my buddy's (Calissa) e-mail 
david_duchovny_2004@mailcity.com. Thank You!

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Anti "Bodies"
By: Lily Grace A. Chao


Everyone in the FBI knows about Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox 
Mulder. Dana Scully was assigned with Fox Mulder and The X-Files to debunk his 
work in Paranormal, and Fox Mulder was a fast track in discovering The X-Files. 
Since the first meeting of this two, they couldn't get along with each other. 
They always fight during their investigation. Scully always questioning him, and 
Mulder…well, he's the Mr. Know-it-all. Most of the people think that they might 
have feelings for each other. They are just pretending to be hard-to-get. All the 
Assistant Directors are worry what will be the outcome of the partnership of 
these two agents, and then they think of something. Some investigation that both 
of them will be interesting of. 
Chapter One

FBI Headquarters
Washington,  D.C.
Monday, 7:43 A.M.

(The phone rings)
Mulder: Hello? Yes. Ok, I will be there…
(It was a called from the Assistant Director Skinner who is the one always 
supervised the two agents. He called in Scully and Mulder for some "new" 
and "interesting" investigation).
Mulder: And Scully too! (frowning). Ok I will look for her. (still frowning).
(Sometimes Mulder left his quiet and dim basement offices where he kept the 
X-Files just to come up and pursue the display case. And now, he is already 
ready…ready to look for Scully).

(She stood between the thick, soundproofed Plexiglas partitions inside the FBI's 
practice firing range. Special Agent Dana Scully removed her handgun, a new 
SigSauer 9mm. She slapped in an expanded clip that carried fifteen bullets, an 
extra one in the chamber. She entered the code at the computer keypad at her left; 
hydraulics hummed and a cable trundled the black silhouetted "bad guy" target to 
a range of twenty yards. She locked it into place and reached up to grab a set of 
padded earphones. She snugged the hearing protection over her head, pressing down 
her auburn hair. Then she gripped her pistol, assuming a proper isosceles firing 
stance. She squeezed the trigger and make targets. After she made several rounds 
of shoots, she removed her ear protection; she punched the button to retrieve the 
yellowish paper target. FBI agents had to requalify at the Quantico firing range
at least once every three months. Scully wasn't due for another four weeks yet, 
but still she liked to come early in the morning to practice. Scully yanked the 
paper target from its binder clip and left the gunshot-spattered piece of support 
cardboard hanging in place. She punched the computer controls to reset the target 
to its average point and then looked up, startled to see her partner Mulder 
leaning against the wall in the observatory gallery. She wondered how long he 
was watching her.)

Mulder: (clapping) WOW! BABE! Good shooting.
Scully: Don't call me babe! (whisper) asshole.  So what are you doing here? 
Spying on me?
Mulder: (pointing to himself) Me? Spying on you? Why?… Actually Skinner wants us 
to go to his office.
Scully: Why?
Mulder: (shrugged) I dunno. Maybe YOU better ask him.
Scully: Why me? It's that YOU are the one he called. Maybe YOU better ask him why.
Mulder: Ok, Ok. Let's go. It's already five minutes before 8:00, and he needs us 
at exactly 8:00.
(Scully nodded)

Chapter Two

A.D. Skinner's office
Monday 8:00 A.M.

(The phone ring)
Skinner: Yes?
Voice from answering machine:Sir, Special agent Scully and Mulder are already 
Skinner: Thank you. Let them in.
(Mulder and Scully entered the office and sat in the front of Skinner)
Mulder: Is there something new? (Scully gave him a bad look)
Skinner: Actually there is no unexplained phenomenon reported but we are worry 
about your parternership.
Scully: Our partnership?
Skinner: (stand from his chair and walk behind them) Yes. You always fight in 
your investigation. You cannot come up in one conclusion, one different from 
Mulder: Wait! If there is no investigation to make…You mean to say that you will 
put us in an investigation to find out if we could get along, is that it?
Skinner: Exactly Agent Mulder.
Scully: What?! NO WAY, SIR! (Skinner looked at her surprised) I mean… it's 
natural for both of us…
Mulder: (looking at Scully) No it is not!
Scully: Yes, it is!
Mulder: No it is not!
Skinner: Ok, Ok. That's enough. There you again…you are fighting again (the two 
agents keep quiet).
Scully and Mulder: Sorry, Sir.
Skinner: Whether you like it or not…you will do this. 
Scully and Mulder: Yes, Sir.
Skinner: I will give you 3 day offs. You will flight in Portland, Oregon. 
(Placing the two plane tickets). I wish you all of your enjoyment (smiling then 
Scully and Mulder look at each other bewildered).

Washington, D.C. Airport
8:00 A.M.

Mulder: Hey Scully, over here! (Waving at Scully as she get out in a cab and 
pulls her luggage from where Mulder stands. Scully was dress in a fitted T-shirt 
with matching jeans that makes Mulder looks surprise. And Mulder was wearing in 
his tight T-shirt with matching jeans also.)
Mulder: Vavoom! Hey baby! Look at you…looking good!
Scully: How many times I said to you that don't ever call me a baby or babe? 
(Then turn away from him) <"oohh…you look so good too!">
Mulder: Are you ready?
Scully: Yes, I'm ready. (Walking through the airport door leaving her luggage 
beside Mulder)
Mulder: Hey Scully, how about your luggage?
Scully: You bring it along.
Mulder: Me? Oh come on, Scully! Self-service.
Scully: (Turn around to face him) Hello? Are you a man? Men suppose to help the 
ladies to bring along their baggage, am I right?
Mulder: (frowning) All right, all right…I will! (Scully smiled)

Chapter Three

Portland, Oregon
Several hours later

Mulder: (still bringing along Scully's luggage) Here we are! Oregon! (putting 
down Scully luggage then shout at her) Hey Scully! Don't you have a heart?
Scully: (turned to face him) What? (walk toward him then carry her luggage 
frowning) Thanks to you (walk away from him) asshole.
Mulder: Hey we need to rent a car! You know we can't survive without a car.
Scully: OF COURSE........

The Devil's Churn
Oregon Coast
Tuesday, 1:00 P.M.

(The ocean crashed against the black cliffs with a hollow booming sound like
boulders dropped from a great height. The breeze at the scenic overlook whipped
cold and salty and wet against Scully's face.)

Mulder: It's called the Devil's Churn (saying proudly as if he knows it actually
he just saw it in the scenic mark sign).
Scully: (rolling her eyes) I know, I know. I saw the sign.
(Mulder pulled the car beside the road then get out of the car then Scully stood
next to him)
Mulder: Hmmm....(smelling the salty breeze of the coast) Isn't this good?
Scully: Yes, it is good. (Then Mulder looked at her then to the coast. Slowly he
put a arm on her shoulder but Scully refuse it then again Mulder did it and Scully 
refuse it again)
Scully: Mulder, if you do it again I'll hurt you like beast woman.
Mulder: (Raised his two hands up) Whoa! Watch it babe!
Scully: (Pounding him in his chest) YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! I TOLD YOU DON'T CALL ME A 
Mulder: (Put his arm around her waist then Scully stopped) Hey, let's not spoil
our trip, Scully. Let us enjoy it.
(Scully was trying to get out of his grip but Mulder tightened his arms more 
in her waist,  then she looked up on Mulder)
Scully: Enjoy it yourself because I'm NOT! (She got out of his grip then got 
to the car and sit quietly)
Mulder: (rolling his eyes) Arrghh! Women! (also got in the car and started it
then looked at Scully) Better we get a cabin as soon as possible before we 
reach the end of world before dark.
Scully: (still looking straight ahead) Good!
Chapter Four

Kennessys' Cabin
Oregon Coast Range
5:00 P.M.

(It's nearly evening when they pass in a small cabin of Kennessys. Several 
Kilometers after they passed out The Devil Churn. The sun is already disappearing 
in the horizon, while they still feel the presence of the cold breeze from The 
Devil Churn. Kennessys' Cabin found inside of a forest in the back road in Oregon.
Only the sign board appear in the road. And according to my imagination, that
this is the only hotel near in Portland "...true? I dunno...I'm not from United
States, FYI." Ok, it's only small, unattractive but has a perfect site seeing
at the back...Can see fully the Devil Churn)

Mulder: Here we are.
(Scully get out of the car)
Scully: (rolling her eyes) Perfect, just perfect.
Mulder: (standing next to her)Scully, it's already 5:00 and it's getting dark. 
We better get this cabin before someone checks in.
Scully: Ok, ok. Let's get this one. <"this is really suxs">
(They enter the cabin and a woman greeted them)
Woman: Hi! Good Afternoon! May I help you?
Mulder: Yes, we want to check in in your cabin.
Woman: Oh. Is that it? Of course you may. Oh by the way, I'm Patrice the owner.
Mulder: Hi! I'm Fox, and this is Dana (Scully looked at him surprised that Mulder
actually said her name..)
Scully: <"He said my name! At last!">(smiled at the woman)
Patrice: Actually, I'm going to abandon this place already. So for you two, you 
don't need to pay fee for your stay. But I have some foods in the refrigerator
so you two have something to eat. (a little boy went to his mom, and hugged 
her) Oh, this is Jody, my son. I'm sorry but we are in a little hurry. Take 
care you two.
Scully and Mulder: Bye. (Then Patrice and Jody left)
Mulder: (putting an arm around her shoulder) I guess we are *really* lucky. 
(looking at Scully)
Scully: (as she walks straight ahead letting dropping Mulder's hand) Yeah,
very lucky. Imagine we don't have to pay the rent.
Mulder: No. What I mean is, we are the *ONLY* one here.
(Scully hide her smile. Actually she likes to be alone with Mulder sometimes.
She likes to get Mulder more better but she thinks that he's a jerk. As she
walks to the back door and see the full site seeing of the Devil Churn)
Scully: <"Ah, a good site seeing for me and Mulder at evening).
Mulder: Hey Scully! What are ya doin'...WOW! The Devil Churn...This is great,
*really* great!.
Scully: (turning to him)Mulder, I think we should get unpack.
Mulder: I think you're right. (Together they walk back at the cabin)

Kennessys' Cabin
7:00 P.M.

(Surprisingly, Scully got asleep instead taking a nap. She was so tired in
their long day of trip in Oregon. She was also surprised that her things are
neatly unpack. Suddenly something she smelled something good coming from the 
kitchen. She checked her watch for the time, and it's already 7:00 P.M. She
went to the kitchen and saw Mulder wearing an "Kiss-me-coz-I'm-the-best-cooker"
apron, and the table was already all set *candle light dinner*. She made a grin. 
Then Mulder turned around to see who's on the back, but Scully immediately 
stopped grinning.)

Mulder: Hey babe! You awake!
Scully: (Didn't argued with his "babe" word) What are you cooking? Smells that 
that it is my favorite dish.
Mulder: (Look at her surprised by not arguing about the "babe" word)Uh...yeah
it is. It's your favorite Chinese chicken dishes.
Scully: (Already sitting in her chair) Yum! I'm already hungry. (as Mulder put
down the dish, and sat opposite Scully)
Mulder: You like it?
Scully: Uh..huh.. (Mulder smiled) (author's question: Does Mulder knows how to
cook?...I dunno too! Maybe...but I think it would be great that Mulder knows how
to cook and he cooks for me :D )
(Mulder looks at Scully while she was eating, and Scully noticed that Mulder was
gazing at her. Concious, Scully stopped eating)
Scully: What are you staring at?
Mulder: You. I can't imagine how beautiful your blue eyes in the evening especially
in a candle light dinner. (Scully blushed, and smiled at him) and those beautiful
smile of yours...Oh, you just don't know Scully how much I like you...
Scully: What!
Mulder: I said I like you. The first time we met in the office, I already like 
Scully: <"I can't believe. He actually likes me!!! Thank God"> (laughing) Stop 
joking around, Mulder.
Mulder: (touching her right hand) Seriously, Scully. I really DO like you.
(Both of them smiling).
Chapter Five

At the back of Kennessys' Cabin
10:00 P.M.

(Scully and Mulder are sitting in a bench that they found at the back of the
cabin. Mulder was lying in the lap of Scully. Facing The Devil Churn)

Mulder: Isn't it funny that two people trying to be hard-to-get that has feeling
for each other?
Scully: Yeah. I can't believe that you like me and eventually I really like you 
Mulder: (Got up and sat beside Scully putting his left arm around her shoulder)
Didn't those hint get you?
Scully: (By using her finger she touched Mulder's chin to look at her and touch 
his cheek) No, because I think you are a jerk!
Mulder: (surprised) Oh come on Scully, say you didn't.
Scully: Yes, I actually was or sometimes I think you are a scoundrel.
(Mulder kiss Scully's Lips)
Mulder: Now, you think I'm still a scoundrel or a jerk?
Scully: Not anymore.
(Once more, Mulder kiss Scully.)

Kennessys' Cabin
8:00 A.M.

(Scully is now the turn to cook the breakfast. She put the breakfast in a tray 
with 2 glass and a bottle of Champagne in her hand. She kiss Mulder's lips to
wake him up. Mulder open his eyes and see Scully brought a breakfast.)

Scully: Good Morning, darling.
Mulder: Good Morning. Look you bring me a breakfast.
Scully: (handling him a glass and pour him a champagne and hers too) Let's make 
a toss. (Raising both glasses) For us.
Mulder: For us. (then they drink)
Scully: Baby, today is our last day and tomorrow will be back at D.C. Maybe we
get around Oregon and let's enjoy our trip.
Mulder: Ok.

(They spend their whole day anywhere around Oregon. They kiss, they hugged, and 
bump to each other. They like fools...fools in love. The night arrives, they make 
love slow and so sweet. They have said the words that the lips can't say...)
Chapter Six

Washington D.C.
8:00 A.M.

(Mulder was already in the office as early as six o 'clock (author's words: I 
know it's not natural for Mulder to be early), then a knock from the door was
heard, then Scully entered. As she entered the room, a grin showed on her face
seeing Mulder very early for work.)

Scully: Hey! You're so early. (giving Mulder a kiss)
Mulder: It's because of you. (both are smiling)
(Then the phone rings and Mulder answered)
Mulder: Hello? Yes? Yes. Ok we will be there. (hang up the phone then look at 
Scully) It's from Skinner. He wants us in his office.
Scully: Let's go.

A.D. Skinner's Office
8:10 A.M.

(The phone rings)
Skinner: Yes? 
A voice from answering machine: Sir, Special Agent Scully and Mulder are already
Skinner: Thank You. Let them in.
(Scully and Mulder entered the office and sat in the front of Skinner)
Mulder: Is there something new? (Scully look down at her hand and grinning)
Skinner: There is no unexplained phenomenon reported but I see that you two are 
already really get along.
Scully: Actually sir, we are already get along since the first time we met. But
there is something we have discovered.
Skinner: (Smiling) And what is it?
Mulder: That we like each other.
Skinner: Oh (turn his back to them and grinning) Is that it?...You may go now.
Scully and Mulder: Thank you sir.
(Outside of the office)
Mulder: Scully?
Scully: What?
Mulder: Can I be your date this lunch?
Scully: Of course, my darling.
(They kiss and they ate at Khe Sanh Khoffee Shoppe near the FBI office)

After that scene, Skinner went to Assistant Director Cassidy to report what has 
been the findings of the investigation. Everyone in the office cheered. Everyone
in FBI knew what happened with their investigation...so everyone's thought is 
not a mistake but THE TRUTH IS OUT THEM!

The End

Author's final words: Told you I'm not good at writing stories. This is one of 
worst stories that I've ever wrote but please just pardon me. Ok, about that 
title. Don't you get it? First, they can't get along, so it's Anti "Bodies".
They are opposite "Bodies" at first, not anymore....:D :D :D

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